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Monday, March 1, 2010

Back in the land of the living at last ...

Our computer is fixed again, but minus ++ files and folders etc., but nothing life threatening so we'll survive! It's still hot and so dry here and water is at a premium, with no rain forecast for the next few days either. I've managed to do a few cards this past week, inbetween watching the Olympics, and will attach 2 I made yesterday for Cam & Susan (our son and DIL) who were here for the weekend. The long one is for friends of theirs who got engaged, bought a house, and are expecting a baby soon, all within the past 6 months, so they're having a party to celebrate all 3 occasions, hence the 3 little appropriate boxes! The wedding one is also for friends of theirs. I love these little people punches I bought in a market in Hong Kong last year - they're so versatile and I just love 'dressing them up' for various occassions. Will be back with more cards later.


  1. So simple and yet so beautifully effective. You haven't lost your touch at all!

  2. They are both stunning Tilly - I especially love the three in one card - what a great idea! Hoping you get some rain soon - I wish I could ship all ours over for you!

  3. Good to have you back. Love those cards.

  4. These are gorgeous! It's always wonderful to meet another kiwi crafter!