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Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Sunrise at our house today

This was the sunrise here this morning. Gorgeous eh? A little mist hanging in the valleys. The tree on the right is Heronrietta's tree. She has now taken to coming up on the deck here and admiring her reflection in the glass door, as well as pecking at her reflection in a big blue ceramic plant pot we have down near the pond. We can't decide if she loves what she sees or hates it! Maybe she thinks it's a handsome suitor and she's giving him big kisses!??

I found this pic of a card I did years ago, and it's still one of my favourite sets from Stampin' Up (along with the other 2 sketch sets in the same series). It's so easily coloured with chalks and cotton buds.


  1. Lovely sunrise this morning Tilly and a lovely card.

  2. That sunrise is gorgeous Tilly and so is your card

  3. Both the card and sunrise are just awesome! So pretty.

  4. Gorgeous sunrise! And your card is colored so beautifully. Love it!