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Monday, October 25, 2010

T-shirt salvage

A friend's cat got a frght when I was holding him awhile back, and he grabbed at my T-shirt, making a hole in a very obvious spot right in the middle of the boobs!   It's a particularly comfy T and I was reluctant to abandon it without a fight, even though I'd had a good few years of wear out of it.  Anyway, with a little help from some lovely ribbons and that iron-on fabric bonding stuff, I was able to applique this cut-out heart over said hole, and voila ... new(ish) summer T-shirt!  I'm quite proud of myself.  So, don't throw stained or torn-fronted/holey T-shirts away - embellish them instead and feel noble about recycling and keeping the planet green! (Double click pic to enlarge.)


  1. well done Tilly... it's such a shame to throw something out that can be repair or renewed!!!

  2. Well done Tilly and thanks for sharing. hugs Sharon (RSA)