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Monday, December 6, 2010

Clean & Simple

I've been mass producing these quick and simple Christmas cards for my daughter to put on the staff  sale table at the Hospice where she works.  The wonderful stars come from the Really Reasonable Ribbon Christmas assortment SALE.   Why not stock up for next year if you've already finished your cards for 2010?   I bought the cute little Santas when we were in Hong Kong recently. 


  1. They're just WONDERFUL! Clean and simple and yet so lovely.

  2. Lovely cards, Tilly. Quick, but lovley.

  3. Beautiful cards...I am actually here to Congratulate you on your published cards in Take Ten....I sent to England for it on the recommendation of Susan at Simplicity blog - I was not disappointed...all through it are excellent samples of cards and I particularly like you Moments in Time. They are all so simply elegant...have enjoyed your blog....been to your country and loved it...our son spent his gap year at Dilworth School in Remuera...affiliated to his Grammar School in N. Ireland.
    Loved your cards! Sorry this is so long!