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Sunday, February 6, 2011

Summer on the farm

We are having the most wonderful summer days and nights, although I should probably add that the humidity is close to 80% so it's more like living in a sauna most of the time.  The garden is going crazy, and in addition to all the great veges and fruit we're enjoying eating/freezing/preserving/sharing with all the family, we're getting such pleasure out of our sunflowers, which have made up lost time and are bloomin' gorgeous, as you can see (following our wild pig invasion and destruction of the seed beds and replanting in the Spring).
Last night we sat out on our deck (well DH sat, I lay on the table to get a better view!) enjoying the peace (well, the frogs and cicadas were making a huge noise, but that's to be expected I suppose) and night sky.  We saw 6 satellites and 4 shooting stars.  Such a treat. 

We also have a new addition to our 'zoo', in the form of one very cheeky rooster (now named Rodney) who just arrived from who knows where, and thinks he owns the place.  He loves the sheep and pigs, but is not crazy about the cows we moved into his paddock for a few days to chomp down the fast-growing grass.  He's a beautiful bird, but I can't say the same thing at 4.30 a.m. when he lets the neighbourhood know that the new day is here!  He'd better be careful, or else ....!  LOL
It's so hot I think I'll go and have some ice cream and homemade chocolate sauce to cool myself down after this uploading effort!  Bye.
P.S.  I'll post the choc sauce recipe soon.  It's to die for and so easy.


  1. Those sunflowers are just too beautiful. My DIL Loves them, will have to send her your link to have a look. We will ne visiting NZ in April/May, so spend time at our family's new home. Warm wishes.

  2. Those sunflowers are beautiful! Its starting to get very hot over here too, such a relief after all the rain we've had.