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Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Puriri Hill Farm book

Our son, wife and our precious little grandson, Harper, recently moved from New Zealand to live in Australia, and of course we miss them very much.  Harper will be a year old next month so I hope that he will remember us and our home with the help of this little cloth book I made him.   If you look at the house in my blog header, you will (hopefully!) see the resemblance to the house on the cover of his book (but please pretend you do, even if you don't, as that will make me happy!  LOL)  All the animals and birds we have here on our little farm are shown, including Pixie the sheep, Lily the pig, Angus the ginger cat and the rest of the gang, including rather bad photos of Grandpa and Grandma.   I used scraps of fleece and felt (easy to sew, no fraying - love them!).   I used book/filing rings instead of binding it as the rings slide easily and make the pages easier to turn.   It took me a whole day to make it, but it was great fun.
Front cover:
The photos are covered with Contact paper and then sewn onto fabric so I hope they don't come unstuck.

Back cover.
I hope he likes it.


  1. This is an absolutely wonderful book. So imaginative and just perfect to remember you by, as well as the little animals.

  2. It's adorable Tilly. What a cute idea for Hunter.. And Aussie's only a three hour plane ride - almost take you that long to get to Auckland airport too!

  3. What a wonderful little book for your grandson! It's a treasure!

  4. Lovely, Tilly. I'm sorry they went to Australia - bet you miss them and I know how that feels. He'll love this, though :-)

  5. I'm sure he loved it!! It's such a great idea!!

    I know how you feel... I live in Canada and my whole family is in France! With technology, he'll remember you for sure!! :)