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Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Covered button bracelet

I've been having a play with this idea I've had brewing in my little head for awhile.  It may not be original, but I've certainly never seen it before. 
Start off with a DIY/cover-your-own buttons kit (these ones are 29 mm or just over 1", and I used 5, although I think 3 larger ones would look great too):
Remove the bendy wire shank and take a template of something about half again the size of the button (a baby food jar lid in this case), trace it and cut 5 circles from your chosen fabrics.
At this point I used a gas lighter to singe the edge of the fabric circles to cut down on fraying (you could also use fabric glue on the edges).  Put a dab of fabric glue on each fabric circle and place the rounded side of the button top in the middle of each one like this.
Dab fabric glue inside the button as shown here
and fold the edges of the fabric into the button making sure that the fabric catches on the metal "teeth" on the button edge (I used a crochet hook to push the fabric down over and under the teeth for a more secure fix).  Repeat for the other buttons and this is what you have:
Lay a piece of ribbon that has been measured around your wrist for the correct lengh over the back of the button you want to be in the centre of your bracelet  (this piece of black velvet ribbon is around 7" long and 1 1/2" wide but I cut it longer for safety sake and cut it down after all the buttons were in place).
Take the flat back of the button kit and position it over the button so that the ribbon is sandwiched between the fabric button top and the flat back disc.  Hammer around the edges so that the teeth grip the disc, securely fastening the ribbon in the sandwich.   Evenly space the remaining buttons and secure them  the same way.  This is what the back will look like:
Cut the ends of the ribbon off to size, and secure a ribbon clamp at each end.  Add a clasp of your choice (I used jump rings and a lobster clasp for this closure, but there are many other options.)
Ta da .........
Note:  The fabric I used is silk (I had some sample swatches in my stash), but a thinner fabric would probably work better as it would be easier to fold inside the button, and also easier for the teeth to grasp.  I'm happy with this one but would probably not try it again with anything thicker to be on the safe side.  I also thought I may try another one and sew seed beads or a simple embroidery pattern onto the middle of each fabric circle before securing it to the button top.
That's it.  What's the verdict?


  1. Good idea, Tilly - bet that silk looks sumptuous in real life x

  2. Found you via link on FB, Scrappy Girls Club. How about using fabric from men's ties if you want the silky look :-) ? Enjoying your projects, thanks for sharing.