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Sunday, December 23, 2012

It's a handmade Christmas in our house this year

I made a few of these for last minute gifts.  Not an original idea for the beer bottles, but I thought the wine bottle creation with its own jingle bell was a nice variation on my part!

M is starting to get about a bit more comfortably on the little mobility scooter our kind neighbours have loaned to him, so getting out of the house now makes his days more bearable.   As you can see, a ginger hitch-hiker named Angus enjoys the rides too!  This is a cat who likes to travel in style!  M has an appointment with the specialist on Friday so we're hoping he'll be given the all-clear to have his new hip joint put in early in January.  Please cross all your fingers and toes for him!  5 months of "hip-less-ness" is a loooooooong time . . .


  1. Fingers crossed for that new hip in the new year. Have a wonderful Christmas with your loved ones. Elaine x

  2. Fingers crossed for the new hip, mobility is only truly appreciated for the gift it is when it's gone. And sheesh you have to watch out for those ginger cats, far and away the most troublesome ones!