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Saturday, November 15, 2014

Hat's off to you!

I feel that the fairies need to protect themselves from the sun when they're outdoors in the garden, so here's a new straw hat I created just for them! You will see how easy it is to make.
Supplies: ModgePodge (or similar product), brush, burlap, dolly peg (or you could use something else, e.g. thimble?), twine, tiny flower, scissors.
How to: Cut a piece of burlap slightly larger than the top of your dolly peg, drape it over the top of the peg, hold tight, and use a piece of twine to wrap around the draped burlap as shown. Tie a knot in the twine. (You may need someone to help you with that bit.) Then paint the burlap thoroughly with ModgePodge. Allow to dry for awhile, but not totally, and then ease out the creases around the side to make a flat(ish) rim for the hat. Slide the burlap hat off the peg and allow it to dry overnight (or speed up the process with a hair dryer, like I did, being such an impatient person!). When dry trim the rim of the hat to size, and shorten the ends of the loose twine. Glue a little flower onto it, and tadaaaa . . .!
P.S. I'm sure you could use fabric in place of the burlap too. I will have to try that idea!

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